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Keywords presents data in a tabular format, displaying metrics such as key ranks, difficulty, search ads popularity, total apps, and average app rank position for selected time ranges in data grid and chart. It allows you to analyze keyword performance by comparing data across dates, countries, and keywords.

Time Range Selection: allows to select different time ranges, such as 7 days, 30 days, week, or month. This feature enables you to analyze keyword performance over specific durations and observe changes in rankings and app positions.

Keywords List integration. Filtering Keywords by Keywords List or Adding Keywords to a Keywords List by tapping on bookmark icon.

Grid view by Country


This view organizes the grid with columns representing dates and rows representing keywords. It allows users to analyze keyword performance across different countries over time.

Grid view by Date

In this view, the grid has columns representing countries and rows representing keywords. It provides insights into keyword performance across different countries for a specific date.

Grid view by Keyword

This view displays the grid with columns representing countries and rows representing dates. It can also be rotated to show columns as dates and rows as countries. This view enables users to assess keyword performance across different dates for a specific country or vice versa.

Chart by Keyword

Chart visualizes keyword rankings by dates for multiple countries in the same chart. It enables you to compare keyword performance over time for different countries. The X-axis represents dates, the Y-axis represents keyword rankings, and each line on the chart represents a specific country’s keyword rankings.

Metrics to analyze

These metrics within the “keywords” feature in enable app developers and marketers to assess keyword rankings, competition, and performance. By monitoring and analyzing these metrics, you can make informed decisions to optimize ASO strategies and improve your app’s visibility and discoverability.

Keyword Ranks

This metric displays the current ranking positions of selected keywords within the chosen app store. It provides insights into how well an app is performing in search results for specific keywords.


The difficulty metric assesses the level of competition for each keyword. It helps app developers understand how challenging it might be to rank higher for a particular keyword compared to others. A higher difficulty score indicates greater competition.

###Search Ads Popularity This metric measures the popularity of a keyword among advertisers running search ad campaigns. It indicates how frequently app developers are bidding on the keyword to boost visibility through paid ads.

Total Apps

The total apps metric shows the number of apps that are currently ranked for the respective keyword. It provides an understanding of the competition and how many apps are targeting the same keyword.

Average App Rank Position

This metric provides the average keyword ranking position. It’s also includes a spark chart that visualizes the app rank changes over time for a specific keyword. This chart provides a quick visual representation of performance trends, indicating whether an app’s ranking is improving or declining. It is useful for analyzing app performance and making data-driven decisions.

Spy for Competitors Keywords

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