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The Applications screen displays a comprehensive list of all your available applications. This page allows you to conveniently group applications into projects, making it easier to manage and analyze related apps together.

View a complete list of your applications on this screen.

Pinning Applications

Group applications into projects by pinning them. Applications that belong to a project will be highlighted with a distinct color.

It’s recommended to create separate projects for distinct applications, and only merge applications that truly belong together within a single project.

Removing Applications from Projects

To remove an application from a project, click on the ‘X’ icon. The app will be unlinked from the project but will remain in the list of unpinned applications.

Click on an application card to quickly access the metadata editor section for selected application.

The Applications screen streamlines the process of organizing and managing your apps by allowing you to group them into projects. By combining related applications and navigating between projects effortlessly, you can optimize your app management experience.