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ASO: Key ASO factors

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in app store search results. The goal is to drive more visibility and, ultimately, more downloads for the app. ASO factors can be divided into two main categories: on-metadata factors (things you can control) and off-metadata (things you can’t control) factors.

App TitleRatings
Subtitle (iOS only)Reviews
DescriptionNumber of velocity
Promo text (iOS only)Number of downloads
Keyword field (iOS only)Speed of download
App IconSize of the app
URL/Package (Android only)Bugs
Video previews

The app name, URL, and subtitle are crucial in attracting and retaining users.

App name

The app name should be unique, relevant, easy to spell, and include the most important keywords related to the app’s purpose. An optimized app name helps users understand the app’s core function and can improve search rankings.


The app’s URL (also known as the app’s bundle identifier) should be simple, concise, in line with the app name, relevant, and contain relevant keywords. A well-optimized URL can contribute to better search visibility.


The app subtitle is a short phrase that appears below the app name, further describing the app’s purpose. Including relevant keywords in the subtitle can improve the app’s search ranking and help users understand its value: features, benefits, and what sets it apart from the competition.

App keyword field

The app keyword field is an area where developers can input relevant keywords that describe the app’s core features and functionality. It is important to research and choose keywords that accurately reflect the app’s content and are relevant to your target audience. Using relevant, high-traffic keywords can help improve the app’s visibility in search results in front of the right audience and drives more downloads.

App ratings and reviews

App ratings and reviews play a significant role in an app’s search ranking. Higher-rated apps with more positive reviews are more likely to appear in search results and attract more users. Encouraging users to provide ratings and reviews can help improve an app’s ASO. Additionally, responding to user feedback and addressing their concerns can lead to better ratings. Positive reviews not only improve the app’s reputation, but they can also help to address common concerns and questions, as well as provide valuable feedback that can be used to improve the app.

App downloads

The number of app downloads directly impacts an app’s search ranking. Apps with a higher number of downloads are more likely to appear in search results, as they’re perceived as more popular and relevant. Encouraging users to download and share the app can help boost its ranking. Off-metadata factor.

App updates

Regularly updating an app with new features, bug fixes, and improvements can positively impact ASO. App updates signal to both users and app store algorithms that the app is well-maintained and actively developed. Additionally, updating the app metadata (such as the app name, subtitle, and keywords) can help maintain or improve search rankings.

Key ASO factors

Key ASO factors