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Keywords List

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Keywords List Keywords List

Keyword List feature is designed to streamline your app optimization process, making it easier to manage and keep track of your keywords.

Keyword chip shows important information about a keyword. It includes the keyword name and a translation to basic language, information about its performance in Search Ads in red text abel. If you’re analyzing an app, it also displays the app’s current organic rank showing blue text abel. This helps you understand the keyword’s importance and how it affects the app’s visibility and ranking in search results.

Quick start

Adding new keywords to your Keyword List is easy. You can use the Keyword Grid, Spy, keywords from the Editor, or manually enter keywords to the list. You can also add any keyword shown on the screen by tapping the bookmark icon button. This flexibility makes it simple to expand your keyword list with relevant terms.


You can easily import a list of keywords into your Keyword List on If you have a list of keywords in a comma-separated format, you can simply paste this list into the input field on Keyword list page to add all these keywords to your Keyword List at once.

This is particularly useful when you want to add a large number of keywords to your list. Instead of manually entering each keyword one by one, you can use this feature to quickly import all your keywords.

This input field also doubles as a search bar. If you want to find a specific keyword in your list, you can type it into the input field and the system will display matching results.

This feature saves you time and makes it easy to add a large number of keywords to your list. It ensures that you can quickly set up your Keyword List with all the keywords you want to track.


Copy All Keywords allows you to easily export all the keywords in your Keyword List on With just one click, you can copy all the keywords in your list, concatenated into a single string, with each keyword separated by a comma.

This is particularly useful when you want to share your keyword list with others or use it in another tool or platform. Instead of manually copying each keyword one by one, you can use this feature to quickly get all your keywords in a format that’s easy to paste into any text field.

This feature saves you time and ensures that you don’t miss any keywords when transferring your list.

A Special Page for Each Project

The Keyword List feature gives a dedicated page for each project. This means you can now save keywords specific to each project in a separate list. You can use this list in the Editor, making your ASO process more organized and efficient.

Search Functionality

You can easily find specific keywords in your list. Search is Case-Insensitive and you can filter your list by multiple comma-separated search terms. This saves you time.

Keywords Suggestions

The Keyword List feature also includes Keyword Suggestions. This tool can suggest keywords that might be useful for your project. It can help you discover new keywords that you might not have thought of.

Delete All

Want to start fresh? Use the ‘Delete All’ button to clear your keyword list. With one click, you can clear your keyword list and start over. This is useful when you want to change your keyword strategy.

Choose Your Market

With the Keyword List feature, you can choose your target country. This lets you keep track of your keyword rankings and Apple Search Ads for your chosen markets. This feature lets you adjust your strategy for different places and understand how your keywords are doing in specific markets and apps.

In short, the Keyword List feature on is a great tool that can make your work easier with a dedicated page for each project, better search feature, keyword suggestions, and detailed insights, managing and keeping track of your keywords has never been easier. Try it today and improve your work.