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Editor: Subscriptions

In today’s digital marketing and mobile app world, effective subscription management is a key to success. Integrated with App Store Connect, offers a powerful tool for editing and creating subscriptions, simplifying this process with automatic localization and flexible settings.

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Editor: Subscriptions Editor: Subscriptions

Automatic Localization

A primary feature of is the ability to automatically localize subscriptions into all supported languages. This means that all descriptions, subscription terms, and other vital information are automatically translated, ensuring clarity and accessibility for users worldwide. This approach not only simplifies the subscription setup process but also significantly expands their geographical reach and potential audience.

Subscription Editor

The subscription editor functionality in allows not only for creating new subscriptions but also for effectively managing existing ones. You can modify terms, prices, payment frequencies, and many other parameters, giving complete control over your subscription offerings.

Transition to Price Editor

A significant advantage of is the integration of the subscription editor with the price editor. This facilitates easy transitioning from setting subscription parameters to configuring pricing policies. The price editor offers flexible options for setting prices in accordance with the purchasing power of different markets, as well as other advanced settings, such as automatic default pricing to the nearest price point or choosing a “charming” or “rounded” price., with its App Store Connect integration, is a powerful tool for optimizing and managing subscriptions in mobile apps. Automatic localization, a flexible subscription editor, and convenient transition to the price editor make this tool essential for developers and marketers aiming to maximize revenues from their applications.