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We implemented projects to add an extra layer of abstraction and logically group common applications into a single project. This approach is particularly useful for related apps, such as Mac and iOS applications, or those that belong to the same category and target the same audience.

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Projects Configuration page allows you to manage your app’s ASO settings securely by using your p8 API key from App Store Connect.

You need to upload .p8 API key to enable ASO (App Store Optimization) functionalities for your applications.

API key

It’s securely encrypted. We store only encrypted and secured key-encryption code combination secured with a unique encryption code for each project and additionally encrypted with your encryption code for security during sharing and device sync.

Issuer Id

Issuer Id from API-key data
Core information about API key
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Skip API key

By skipping the API key, you’ll only have access to the section without metadata editing.

Encryption code

Required for Encryption purpose.

The encryption code field ensures that your key remains encrypted for sharing and synchronization purposes, while the user role helps define the access level you need for different tasks.

To access a project with the same Apple ID or Email on another device, or if you accessed the project via a link, you need to enter the encryption code for this project on the project card.

Enter an encryption code for device synchronization and project sharing purposes.

If you have forgotten your encryption code, you can restore it in the Project editing dialog on the project owner’s device.

If you see a red error icon on the project card, it means that you didn’t fill in the encryption code field - you must enter the encryption code in the Project editing dialog.