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Design trends by countries

Read summarized design trends based on regions and app categories

Brief overview of color preferences and design trends for a selection of countries across various continents

North America


Colors: Red, white, and blue are patriotic; neutral and clean palettes with bold accents in apps.
Trends: Minimalism, user-centric design, dark mode, and integrated functionalities.


Colors: Red and white from the flag; earthy colors due to its vast landscapes.
Trends: Inclusivity in design, bilingual content (English and French), and eco-conscious themes.


Colors: Green, white, red (flag colors); bright, festive hues.
Trends: Rich cultural motifs, mobile-centric designs, integration with social platforms.


Colors: Blue, red (from the flag); tropical shades.
Trends: Caribbean aesthetics, English and Spanish bilingual content, nature and beach motifs.


Colors: Blue, white (from the flag); vibrant textiles hues.
Trends: Mayan motifs, artisanal crafts, mix of modern and traditional.

El Salvador

Colors: Blue, white (from the flag); Pacific-inspired shades.
Trends: Coastal influences, minimalist modern designs, emphasis on community and local landscapes.


Colors: Blue, white (from the flag); tropical and forest shades.
Trends: Indigenous patterns, nature-focused, mix of Caribbean and Pacific styles.


Colors: Blue, white (from the flag); lakes and volcanoes-inspired shades.
Trends: Local geography emphasis, mix of modernity and tradition, artisanal touches.

Costa Rica

Colors: Red, white, blue (from the flag); vibrant rainforest hues.
Trends: Eco-friendly motifs, biodiversity emphasis, pura vida lifestyle representations.


Colors: Red, white, blue (from the flag); tropical palettes.
Trends: Canal-inspired designs, mix of Caribbean and Pacific influences, urban and natural blends.



Colors: Blue, white, red (from the flag); vintage pastels.
Trends: Retro 50s elements, tropical themes, mix of colonial and indigenous designs.


Colors: Green, yellow, black (from the flag); reggae-inspired palettes.
Trends: Rastafarian motifs, tropical elements, musical influences.

Dominican Republic

Colors: Blue, white, red (from the flag); Caribbean blues.
Trends: Beach and coastal motifs, merengue and bachata influences, colonial aesthetics.



Colors: Royal blue, red, and white; also, heritage colors like deep greens and browns; clean, modern shades.
Trends: Vintage revival, modern takes on traditional designs, and user-centric design, emphasis on privacy.


Colors: Black, red, and yellow; efficiency-driven neutrals.
Trends: Functional design, precision, and clarity, GDPR-driven privacy features.


Colors: Blue and yellow (from the flag); minimalist and muted palettes.
Trends: Scandinavian simplicity, sustainability themes, user-friendly interfaces.


Colors: Greens, reds, whites (flag colors); earthy Mediterranean tones.
Trends: Historical motifs; emphasis on aesthetics; craftsmanship.


Colors: Blue, white, and red; art-inspired palettes.
Trends: Elegance, artistic flair, and immersive experiences.


Colors: Orange (national color), blue, red, white (from the flag); tulip-inspired palettes.
Trends: Dutch design simplicity, innovative concepts, emphasis on sustainability.


Colors: Red, white, and blue (from the flag); adriatic blues, Mediterranean olives, and earthy tones.
Trends: Historical Elements; Maritime Motifs; Folk Patterns; Natural Inspirations; Modern Minimalism.


Colors: Red, blue, white; earthy tones.
Trends: Orthodox motifs; Balkan traditions; European blend.


Colors: Red, yellow (from the flag); Mediterranean-inspired shades.
Trends: Flamenco and Moorish influences, vibrant patterns, mix of old-world charm and contemporary aesthetics.


Colors: White, red (from the flag); clear, contrasting shades.
Trends: Modern minimalism, folk motifs, focus on usability and clean layouts.


Colors: White, blue, red (from the flag); imperial gold and earthy tones.
Trends: Blend of Slavic motifs, cyrillic typography, modern designs with nods to historical elements.


Colors: White, red; wine purples.
Trends: Ancient scripts; Euro-West Asian mix; historical preservation.


Colors: Red, white (from the flag); Ottoman-inspired golds and blues.
Trends: Mix of Middle Eastern and European designs, emphasis on rich textiles and patterns, modern urban aesthetics.


Colors: Blue, yellow (from the flag); earthy, natural hues.
Trends: OFolk patterns (like vyshyvanka motifs), emphasis on nature, blend of tradition and modern aesthetics.


Colors: Red and white (from the flag); alpine-inspired earth tones.
Trends: Baroque and classical influences, minimalist modern designs, focus on sustainable and organic aesthetics.


Colors: Black, yellow, and red (from the flag); soft neutrals.
Trends: Blend of Dutch and French influences, Art Nouveau touches, emphasis on typography.

Czech Republic

Colors: White, red, and blue (from the flag); rich gemstone hues.
Trends: Historical motifs, crystal and glass inspirations, blend of tradition and modernity.


Colors: Red and white (from the flag); muted Scandinavian palettes
Trends: Danish modernism, functional simplicity, cozy ‘hygge’ influenced designs.


Colors: Blue and white (from the flag); natural Nordic shades.
Trends: Nature-inspired aesthetics, minimalism, and focus on functionality.


Colors: Blue and white (from the flag); Mediterranean and Aegean-inspired hues.
Trends: Ancient motifs, maritime inspirations, blend of classic and contemporary.


Colors: Red, white, and green (from the flag); warm, earthy tones.
Trends: Folk art patterns, Magyar influences, a mix of historical and modern designs.


Colors: Red, blue, and white (from the flag); cool Nordic hues.
Trends: Minimalism, nature motifs (like fjords), sustainable and eco-friendly designs.


Colors: Red and green (from the flag); sea and sun-inspired shades.
Trends: Azulejos (tile) patterns, maritime elements, blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy.


Colors: Blue and yellow (from the flag); fresh, airy palettes.
Trends: Scandinavian functional design, sustainable concepts, emphasis on light and simplicity.



Colors: Red for prosperity, gold for wealth, and muted pastels in modern design.
Trends: QR codes integration, super apps, and nationalistic themes.

South Korea

Colors: Red, blue, black, white (from the flag); bright contemporary shades.
Trends: K-pop influence, technology-driven designs, blend of tradition and modernity.


Colors: Blues, reds; tropical shades.
Trends: Indigenous patterns; communal themes; mobile-centric.


Colors: Red, yellow; greens and blues.
Trends: Historical themes; Southeast/East Asian design blend; local content.


Colors: Red, white, blue; festival hues.
Trends: Royal/Buddhist symbols; tourism focus; Thai aesthetics.


Colors: Sky blue, yellow-gold; steppe greens.
Trends: Nomadic motifs; Central Asian traditions; landscapes.


Colors: Saffron, white, green, and a plethora of vibrant hues.
Trends: Multilingual support, regional content, and mobile-first design.


Colors: Red and white; clean and minimalist palettes.
Trends: Kawaii (cute) elements, traditional motifs, and user-centric features.



Colors: Earthy tones, greens, and coastal blues.
Trends: Eco-friendly designs, indigenous art inspirations, and outdoor-themed apps.


South Africa

Colors: Rainbow nation - a mix of vibrant colors.
Trends: Mobile-first designs, local language support, and cultural inclusivity.


Colors: Green and white, with vibrant local patterns.
Trends: Mobile-centric, pan-African themes, and payment integrations.

Middle East

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Colors:Red , green, white, black (from the flag); luxury hues like gold.
Trends: Modern Arabic typography, luxury and tech blend, user-centric interfaces


Colors:Maroon , white (from the flag); earthy and muted shades.
Trends: Luxury design, emphasis on cultural heritage, modern interpretations of traditional motifs.


Colors: Red, white (from the flag); coastal-inspired blues.
Trends: Island-inspired themes, blend of modernity and tradition, user-friendly interfaces.


Colors: Red, white, green (from the flag); earthy desert tones.
Trends: Emphasis on history, blend of coastal and desert inspirations, modern meets traditional.


Colors: Red, white (from the flag); cedar tree green, Mediterranean blues.
Trends: Fusion of East and West, emphasis on diversity, contemporary design with historical nods.


Colors: Black, white, green, red (from the flag); Petra-inspired earthy hues.
Trends: Mixture of desert and Mediterranean influences, historic motifs, and modern user-centric designs.


Colors: Green, white, red, black (from the flag); desert hues.
Trends: Combination of modern and traditional aesthetics, Arabic calligraphy, tech-forward designs.

South America


Colors: Green, yellow, blue, and a carnival of vibrant shades.
Trends: Samba and carnival themes, soccer inspirations, and eco-conscious features, festive designs, tropical inspirations.


Colors: Sky blue and white, with sun motifs.
Trends: Tango inspirations, soccer themes, and regional integrations.


Colors: Yellow, blue, red (from the flag); vibrant tropical hues.
Trends: Indigenous motifs, emphasis on nature and biodiversity, mix of modern and traditional elements.


Colors: Red, white, blue (from the flag); Andes-inspired earthy tones.
Trends: Clean, modern aesthetics; nature-inspired motifs; Pacific and Andean influences.


Colors: Red, white (from the flag); Amazonian greens and earthy browns.
Trends: Incan and pre-Columbian motifs, blend of highland and coastal designs, focus on handcrafts and textiles.


Colors: Yellow, blue, red (from the flag); Caribbean blues.
Trends: Tropical designs, emphasis on nature and landscapes, blend of modern and cultural elements.


Colors: Blue, white (from the flag); coastal and plains-inspired hues.
Trends: Minimalistic designs, European influences, beach and gaucho themes.


Colors: Red, yellow, green (from the flag); Andean earthy tones.
Trends: Indigenous Aymara and Quechua motifs, mountain and altiplano influences, traditional crafts.


Colors: Red, white, blue (from the flag); river-inspired shades.
Trends: Guarani cultural motifs, emphasis on nature and rivers, blend of traditional and modern styles.


Colors: Yellow, blue, red (from the flag); Amazonian and coastal shades.
Trends: Indigenous patterns, rich biodiversity-inspired designs, mix of Andean and coastal aesthetics.

These summaries provide an overview of typical design trends and color inclinations in each country. Still, there’s a vast diversity within each nation, with many designers pushing boundaries and setting new trends.

Read summarized design trends based on regions and app categories