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App Store Connect. User roles

App Store Connect. User roles

App Store Connect. User roles

App Store Connect offers several user roles with varying levels of access and permissions. These roles help you manage your team’s access to specific resources and functionalities within the platform. The main roles available in App Store Connect are:

Account Holder

This role is automatically assigned to the person who enrolled the team in the Apple Developer Program. The Account Holder has the highest level of access and can perform any action within App Store Connect, including managing apps, users, contracts, tax and banking information, and more.


Users with the Admin role have broad access and permissions similar to the Account Holder. They can manage users and roles, access app metadata, edit app information, respond to reviews, and access resources like sales and financial reports. However, they cannot manage contracts, tax, and banking information.

App Manager

App Managers can manage app-related details, such as editing metadata, pricing, and availability. They can also access app analytics, respond to user reviews, and manage TestFlight beta testing. However, they do not have access to manage users or view financial reports.


Developers have limited access to App Store Connect. They can view app information, access app analytics, and manage TestFlight beta testing. They cannot edit app metadata, respond to reviews, or access financial reports.


Users with the Finance role can access and manage financial information, including viewing sales and financial reports, as well as managing contracts, tax, and banking details. They do not have access to manage apps, users, or respond to reviews.


This role allows users to access and manage promotional materials and app metadata. Marketing users can edit app descriptions, screenshots, and preview videos, as well as manage promotional campaigns. They do not have access to sales reports or TestFlight.

Customer Support

Users with the Customer Support role can access app information and respond to user reviews on the App Store. However, they cannot edit app metadata, access analytics, or manage TestFlight beta testing.


The Sales role grants access to view and download sales and financial reports but does not allow access to manage app metadata, TestFlight, or respond to reviews.

By assigning different roles to your team members in App Store Connect, you can effectively manage access to various resources and functionalities, ensuring that each person has the appropriate level of permissions for their responsibilities.

Permissions in account, Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, and more

Account HolderAdminApp ManagerDeveloperFinanceMarketingSalesCustomer Support
Eligible for events and additional benefits
Purchase and submit Technical Support Incidents
Download beta software
Post in Apple Developer Forums
Accept legal agreements
Renew membership
Submit certificate signing requests🆗🆗
Create and revoke development certificates🆗🆗
Create and revoke distribution certificates🆗
Create Developer ID certificates
Create other certificate types🆗
Create cloud-managed Developer ID certificates✔️
Create other cloud-managed certificate types✔️✔️
Create development provisioning profiles🆗
Delete development provisioning profiles🆗
Create and delete distribution provisioning profiles🆗
Download provisioning profiles🆗🆗
Register and configure App IDs🆗
Delete App IDs🆗
Add UDIDs🆗
Disable UDIDs🆗
Create keys🆗
Create and revoke Safari Extension Certificates🆗🆗
Notarize software

✅ Full access.
🆗 Requires access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, granted in Users and Access in App Store Connect. Includes access to CloudKit Console.
✔️ Granted as a separate permission in Users and Access in App Store Connect. Requires access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, which includes access to CloudKit Console.
➕ Requires Xcode Automatic Signing.