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Smart metadata editor

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Smart metadata editor Smart metadata editor

Creating a New Version

Easily create new versions of your apps in App Store Connect - enter the version number, and will fill in all the necessary metadata for an update in the App Store.

Copying from a Previous Version

To simplify the update process, copies metadata from previous versions, including the Promo Text field, allowing for easy adaptation of existing descriptions, keywords, etc. You only need to enter “What’s New” and select a build.

Automatic Localization automatically localizes metadata for all languages supported in App Store Connect.

You can edit each language separately.

We create a new locale with one click, translating all data from your app’s base localization.

Selecting a Build

For each new version, you can select a build from the list of available ones, ensuring a smooth transition from development to publication.

Saving Directly to the App Store

All metadata changes can be saved directly in App Store Connect without the need to manually transfer information, significantly saving time.

Submission for Review

After filling in “What’s New” and selecting a build, submit the app for review in App Store Connect, even from a phone.

Metadata Validation checks the metadata for compliance with App Store Connect requirements, which helps avoid errors during publication. It also ensures you optimally use keywords in your metadata.

Keyword Suggestions offers keyword suggestions, helping to optimize metadata for search in the App Store. Suggestions display the current position of your word (Rank), the popularity (SAP) of the keyword, and also show the keywords of your competitors.

Highlighting Changes Made

The change highlighting feature allows you to quickly identify all corrections made to the metadata.

Import and Export of Metadata supports the import and export of metadata, allowing you to export all the metadata of your app and copy it to another one of your apps. This is convenient when you support a mobile and macOS app, or when you want to transfer metadata from one app to another.

Integration with Fastlane supports the import and export of metadata from Fastlane, allowing you to use alongside your existing tools.

Support for All Types of Applications supports all types of applications, including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Currently, we only show positions and popularity for keywords for iOS applications.

Bulk Metadata Editor

With the bulk editor, you can simultaneously edit the same metadata field for all localizations, significantly simplifying the process of updating and maintaining information consistency.

The easiest way to fill in “What’s New” for all localizations is to use the bulk editor. You fill in the information in the main localization, and automatically translates the information into all other localizations, or you can copy information from the previous version.

Learn more about the bulk metadata editor