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App-specific password

App-Specific Passwords allow you to sign in to third-party apps and services with your Apple ID without sharing your primary Apple ID password. This adds an extra layer of security to your account.

How to Create an App-Specific Password

  • Sign in to Your Apple ID with your Apple ID and password.

  • Once signed in, in the “Sign-In and Security” section, select “App-Specific Passwords”.

Apple ID
  • Select Generate an app-specific password or select the + Add button.
App-specific Password empty screen
  • Enter a Label for the Password to help you remember its purpose, then click “Create”.
Set App-specific Password Name
  • Copy and save the generated password in a secure place. This password will only be displayed once.
App-specific Password
  • Use the generated password to sign in to the third-party app or service that requested access to your Apple ID. Instead of entering your primary Apple ID password, enter the App-Specific Password.

How to Delete an App-Specific Password

After you revoke a password, the app using that password will be signed out of your account until you generate a new password and sign in again.

  • Sign in to Your Apple ID with your Apple ID and password.

  • In the Sign-In and Security section, select App-Specific Passwords.

Apple ID
  • Select the Remove button next to a password you want to delete, or Revoke All.
Apple ID
  • Confirm by selecting “Revoke” in the pop-up window.
Apple ID

Security of App-Specific Passwords

  • Additional Layer of Security: Using App-Specific Passwords protects your primary Apple ID password by providing unique passwords to third-party apps and services, which can be easily managed and revoked.

  • Access Control: You can create and delete passwords at any time, giving you control over which apps and services can access your account.

  • Unique Passwords: Each password is created for a specific app or service, reducing the risk of compromising your primary Apple ID password.